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Damnit, look. I made myself cry. Even using the happy Legolas smiling icon isn't helping.

Tissue warning, heavy angst alert. Life is so frickkin unfair some days. After this is all done, I'm going off in the corner to write some heavy-duty schmoop with lots of comedy and practical jokes.


*holds extra-large tissue box up for the rest of you to take as many as you need....*

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Chapter Thirty-one

When she woke, there was a note on the pillow beside her head.

Five minutes later, she was dressed and flying down the stairs to her car.

She found Tom at work already at Green’s Auto Repair, dressed in his church clothes and working on the books in the office.

“Where’s Legolas?”

“He doesn’t work here anymore.”

“What do you mean, ‘he doesn’t work here anymore’?”

“He was here filling in for me while I brought in the harvest at the farm. My dad usually does it, but he just had heart surgery, you see, and....”

“Where is he then?”

“Why, I drove him to the airport myself this morning.” The look on her face must have scared him, because he got out of his chair and placed a hand on her shoulder before adding, “I’m sorry, Miss. He’s gone. He’s not coming back.”

“I know,” she whispered, clutching the note and the #1 ticket in her hand. “I know.”

The End...or is it?
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