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This is the story of a handsome Prince, a fuzzy Princess, a small town in the deep rural south of the USA, and an unsuspecting family of three humans and a handful of pets who had no earthly idea what they were getting themselves into. At least, not in a Modern Earth sort of sense.

It starts, not with "Once upon a time..." as you might suspect, but rather "It all started because...." You see, no one ever calls The Prance a 'fairy'. NO ONE. No matter what the old cliche says.

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This journal is the story of Legolas and al. We call it "The Unauthorized Biography of Legolas Greenleaf". It's also posted at, but I wanted him to have his own livejournal. I just regret I didn't get it for him earlier....


Playful Romantic Adonis Needing Caresses and Embraces

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