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Did you read the stories about Meleth yet? Why the heck not? Don't you do everything your mother tells you, even when you're being contrary and reluctant and you know it's for your own good???

I'm telling you to go read them now. Because I said so.

I always hated it when my mother said that....

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Chapter Twenty-nine

She’d never considered that.

After all, he WAS a character from a book turned into a movie, and she would never have believed she could actually be touching his living, breathing flesh if he wasn’t lying here in her own bed, holding her in his arms. Just to be sure, she reached out and pinched him on the arm.


“Oh, sorry. Just checking something.”

“U deedn’t anser da kwestshun,” he grumbled, rubbing his arm where it was already turning pink from the horse-bite she’d given him.

She made up her mind then and there.

“Yes. Meleth is as real as you are.”

“Den dat saettlz it,” he pronounced.

“Settles it?”

“Yaes. I weel goe bak. U weel rite abot Meleth. I weel fiend her, an whut u rite weel coem truew. Dat wae u weel alwaez noe dat I em okae, an dat I em en lub, an dat Meleth iz wid me. Dat wae u kin alwaez bea wid me tuu.”

He gazed into her eyes, then slowly and gently leaned forward, caressing her lips with his, sealing their deal with a searing kiss.

Later, still snuggled against his chest, she asked, “Do you know any other songs on the guitar? Would you teach me one?”

“Da oenlee othur soengz I noe ar ‘Taek Me Hoem, Cuntry Rowdz’, ‘Grammar’z Faethur Baed’, an ‘Thaenk Gawd I’m a Kuntree Boey’. I like dat paert whur he sez ‘Whooooe Hoooooe!’ da baest.”

“Don’t tell me, let me guess. The only guitar songbook al owns is ‘John Denver’s Greatest Hits’.”


“Nevermind then.”

On to Chapter Thirty
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