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Picture you
Upon my knee
Just tea for two
And two for tea,
Just me for you
And you for me alone.

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Chapter Twenty-five

This was so hard for him. All he really wanted right now was to ignore the voices of Thranduil and Elrond and Galadriel and Glorfindel and Gandalf and Aragorn inside his head, and follow the voice of Haldir calling, “Go for it, baby! Show her your shaft!” When Gimli’s voice chimed in with, “Yeah!” he pulled back again.

“I hav tu goe,” he said, his heart already grieving for what could never be.

She charmed him some more, and soon he’d agreed to stay for hot tea. Whilst they stood together in the tiny kitchen, watching the mini-coffeemaker brewing, with her back pressed to his front, her head tucked underneath and just to the left of his chin, her arms holding tightly to his where they were wrapped around her belly, she murmured something so softly that even his elven ears didn’t quite catch it.

“Whut?” he inquired.

“I said they’ll never miss you. Never know you’re gone. There are so many of your kin who wouldn’t dare miss a good fight, what’s one more?”

He smiled gently into her hair. Somehow that idea appealed to him. “Buet whoe weel taek kaer of Araporn? Luuk hoew muech truble he’z en allredy. Arwen’z goen tu reamuve hiz haed wid Anduril jest az suun az she heerz abot Eowyn, an she haz elbin eerz, u noe. Dat fawl oeff da klief wid dat warg weel be nuthin kumpared tu whut he’ll luuk like whin she’z dun wid heem.”

She giggled, the tinkling of little silver bells ringing through his ears again. God, how he loved to hear her laugh.

“Let Arwen teach him a lesson. He’s asked for it; he can hold his own.” She smiled widely then, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “Can’t you just hear him hollering for Eowyn to come save him?”

Legolas tossed his head back and guffawed at that.

“The tea’s ready,” she said, when he’d finished wiping the tears out of his eyes with the back of his hand.

They took their mugs to the loveseat in the living room, cuddling there together as they sipped their drinks. After a while, she looked up into his eyes and popped the question.

On to Chapter Twenty-six
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