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Did you know that if you leave out one single letter in "Chapter Eleven", you get something totally...errr, different?


And so it begins....

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Jump Me Chapter Eleven )
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I'm forever telling [ profile] puterpatty that you HAVE to tell people what you're thinking inside your head -- that the skull is a very thick layer of bone and the things bumping around inside of there aren't necessarily obvious to those of us on the outside of the meninges. I'm not sure she always believes me about that.

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*sings a made-up tune*

Jump Start
My Heart....

Will he? Or maybe yet, will SHE????

THAT is the question.

Jump Me Chapter Ten )
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Something electric is in the air, down at Tom Green's Auto....

Elfboy and Patty make "a connection". ;~D

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Jump Me Chapter Nine )
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Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Searchin' for adventure
And whatever comes my way....


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Jump Me Chapter Eight )
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Dear Prance Legolas:

There are some things al your nanneth told you that you should never forget, like always put your best foot forward and that first impressions are VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure what's ON your mind is not the same thing that's ON your HEAD.



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Jump Me Chapter Seven )
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And so they meet. And stare. And stare some more.

I'll just leave it up to you guys to figure out what tonight's chapter graphic is all about....

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Jump Me Chapter Six )
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Ya'll make me giggle, you really do! I adore it when everyone talks back and forth to each other in the comment section! It's like, we're TOGETHER, only not like THAT....


Tonight, what we've all been waiting for....

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Jump Me Chapter Five )
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Is daily posting good for you guys? I mean, I could just post once a week, if you'd prefer....


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Jump Me Chapter Four )
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Could SOMEBODY get the danged phone????

Jump Me Chapter Three )
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As with all truly GOOD Love Stories, there has to be a damsel in distress, yeah?

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Jump Me Chapter Two )
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Your wish is my command. May I introduce to you the only Real Love Story I have ever written, since the other stuff is all made up and I always say that in the disclaimer.

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Jump Me--A Love Story )
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The next chapter of "The Unfinished Tales of Legolas Greenleaf" actually took place in December of 2003, just prior to the premier of "The Return of The King" on the big screen. There were several partially written chapters that I never had the time to finish--well, until after that.

Some of you may have wondered if there were any other adventures, including the story of how [ profile] puterpatty came to be the holder of the "Number One Ticket". I have that unpublished story already written, called "Jump Me", and I wondered if you'd be interested in reading it?

Posting it would amount to about 30 very short chapters, and I think I could pull off posting about 3-4 chapters a week and still keep up with my other real life events. That would also put Chapter 22 in the approximate time frame. Would you all be up for that?

Since the Prance doesn't have a paid account, I can't do a "poll" with the click boxes. Instead, would you be so kind as to let me know in the comments if you'd like me to post the story and, if so, what days are the best days for me to put it on lj? I'm thinking Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading thus far!

Oh, did I show you this already?

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I know a Weenie Man
He owns a Weenie stand
He sells most everything from
Hotdogs on down.
Someday I'll change his life
I'll be his Weenie Wife,
I love my Weenie Man!

On to Chapter One!
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