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One of the things I like most about the autumn season is the way the temperature goes from nice and warm to sort of chilly and then back to warm again.

You know what I mean? *wink*

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Chapter Seventeen

Legolas was worried. He hadn’t thought about her being too chilly for a night drive. He was an elf, and cold really didn’t affect him much. Now she was shivering, and it was all his fault.

He did the only thing he could think of.

Now she was snuggled up there underneath his arm, pressed against his side with her head resting gently against his shoulder, his jacket tucked like a blanket around her pretty legs. She had the sweetest smile on her lovely face.

Legolas drove on, smiling himself. When he reached the turnoff, he slowed down and crawled along the gravel road so he didn’t stir up the dust too much and get her dirty. He pulled the car to a stop and nudged her, since it appeared she was dreaming.

“Luuk,” he said gently.

When she opened her eyes, she’d let out a little gasp of surprise.

He’d somehow convinced her the backseat was the best place to be, and spent the next hour snuggling up with her lying between his outstretched legs on the bench seat in the grassy meadow there by the gurgling stream surrounded by the trees of the forest. With his jacket still covering her delicate feet, keeping them warm while they lay there beneath the stars, he’d delighted in the feel of her softness nestling against his chest through his shirt. He had begun to tell her all he knew about the glittering stars and the sparkling constellations, and he soon found himself babbling on and realized that, without thinking, he had referred to Ithil and the elenath as he spoke. He stopped mid-sentence once he discovered his mistake. He looked down at her face, gazing upward at his own, and it came to him that somehow she knew who he was. Knew all about him. Knew where he was from.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, and that’s when it happened.

On to Chapter Eighteen
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