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Well I'm not braggin', babe, so don't put me down
But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town.
When something comes up to me he don't even try
'Cause if I had a set of wings, man, I know she could fly....

Okay, I know it's not a deuce coupe, but I still think the lyrics fit.... ;~D

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Chapter Thirteen

He tried hard to be the perfect gentleman, walking just off to the side and behind her with his hand on her elbow to make sure she didn’t misstep in her lovely blue shoes. They looked so... so... well, feminine is the only word that came to mind. If there was one thing that Legolas loved more than auto electrical systems and damsels in distress and girls who gave good directions and beautiful ladies who laughed with the sound of tinkling little silver bells, it would have to be strappy evening sandals.

“You have a nice car,” she’d said. “What year is it?”

“It’z a sexty-sex – a Muestaeng GeeTea Koope wid a vee-foar eangin an....” He stopped, realizing most women didn’t know much about cars. “Due u like it?”

“I love it,” she’d answered, smiling brightly up at him.

He beamed.

“Wuld u like tu ried wid da toep doewn?” he asked.

“Most definitely,” she answered.

He made quick work of lowering the top while she watched him, fascinated. Then he ducked in front of her just in time to reach for the handle to open the car door for her. Of course, if she’d been wearing jeans, he might have invited her to get in like he preferred by leaping over the side. After all, what good was a convertible if you continually had to stop long enough to open the doors?

He averted his eyes a little too late when she sat down and pulled her legs inside the passenger compartment. He liked the glimpse he got through the fabric where the dress was slit. He wasn’t positive, but he suspected she might have done that on purpose. Well, if she meant to get a rise out of him, it worked.

He made his way around the front of the car, never taking his eyes off her as he went. Of course, this was a mistake as he caught the toe of his loafer on the curb and bellyflopped straight up against the driver’s side car door. He involuntarily gave out a little, ‘Uempff!” as he caught himself.

She waited until she knew he hadn’t hurt himself, and then she giggled again.

At least the adrenaline rush took care of the rise she had gotten out of him moments earlier.

On to Chapter Fourteen
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